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Put your body in the shooting lane and your stick in the passing lanes.

Contain do not commit in a one on one situation, meaning don't lunge at a guy, but play him into the boards and let him run out of space.

Look at the guys chest when in a one on one as well. If you look at the puck, you will get beat. Also, he can't head fake you as easily.

If the puck gets by you, just put your body in beyween him and the puck, giving him the outside if anything.

If you are ever the last man back with the puck, make an easy play. If there is no easy play, get it out off the glass. Never try to stick handle out of your own zone if you are the last man back.

Dumping the puck is never a bad play.

try to handle your gap between the puck carrier and yourself on a break. You want to be challenging him around your blue line. If you wait too long, you are a screen to your goalie and have allowed him to gain the zone and look for a shot or pass deep in the zone. This is probably the most difficult skill to master as far as i'm concerned.

When the puck is in your corner and your partner goes in to fight for the puck, stay in front of the net at the far post, not the near post. That way, no one can sneak in behind you, and you can see more of whats going on. Always be looking around to see if anyone is pinching, high in the slot, or looking for a backdoor pass.

When the puck is at the point, just being beside a guy or tying up with him is only making the screen in front of your goalie twice as big. MOVE HIM OUT! Place your stick on his spine and either push hard (not a cross check, a push), or grate it down his spine. Sticks between legs are good (who wants a stick between his legs?) as are sticks to the top of the foot. I repeat, move him out, do not double the screen.

Obviously if you skate forwards on a one on one, you are dead meat, so practice backwards skating as often as possible, especially cross overs. Cross overs will get you to accelerate quickly.

Pinch only when it makes sensel; when you need a goal, when you are sure the other defenceman (or another forward) is covering back.

Communication with your partner is key on and off the ice. After a shift talk about things you can do to get the puck out of your end; a D to D pass behind the net, etc.

Remember its ok to switch sides in your own end if you think you can get there first, just make sure to talk and let him know you are going and he should go to the net.

Offensively, when your team has the puck in their corner, move into the high slot from the opposite point and look for a pass. Do not move into the slot from the same side as the puck as you are needed to hold the puck in at the boards if they get it or try to dump it. Only the far defenceman should move in for a shot.

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