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08-02-2007, 04:21 PM
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Originally Posted by AVE MAN View Post
Another way to look at this is:

If a 5'10", 183lbs, 30 goal scorer is worth 3.125Million then a 30 goal scorer who is 6'5" and 245lbs is worth at least a million more.

Bigger men are better playoff performers than small guys, who cant take the physical game over a period of time.

As ANA fans you know that better than anyone where size combined with talent can take you. Look at what Buffalo did in the playoffs with all those small forwards. After a few rounds they just wore down.
If Parise is worth 3.125 then Penner is easily worth 4.25 mill

Stats dont tell the whole story. Penner created a lot of room for his linemates and that doesn't always show up on he scoresheet.

Believe me Burke would have never let Penner go pre-Bertuzzi signing.
He couldn't get Marchant traded (Bob Mckenzie rumour)so he had no choice.
30 goals and 30 goals. But there's also 45 points vs 62 points. And speaking of stepping up for the playoffs, you do realize that Parise outscored Penner 10-8, in about half the games?

Look I like Penner and wish we still had him. But Parise at 3+ million is way better than Penner at 4+. And you're right, numbers don't tell the whole story. Make sure you stick to that, he won't be putting up the numbers you're expecting (50 goals).

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