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08-02-2007, 05:59 PM
taunting canadian
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Originally Posted by Brodeur View Post

He did mention that Penner can now be used as a comparable in arbitration, which was why the contract was inflationary.
Burke understands, and you apparently do not, that it is not inflationary to the overall salary structure, just to players in that age range. That's why he said that the contract was inflationary to players in that age range. Burke is understandably upset about this because it happens to be detrimental to his team. He's trying to insinuate that it's bad for every team in the league, when clearly that's not possible in a revenue-linked system. Some teams will be hurt by inflated salaries for RFAs - namely, those teams with attractive RFAs-to-be who happen to be near the cap or budgetary constraints. Other teams will be able to benefit from the change in RFA valuation - those without top-level RFAs to re-sign, and those with cap/budget space to spare. Burke clearly doesn't want to say this, however, because it would destroy his rant.

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