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Originally Posted by Soundwave View Post
Burke's a hypocrite for saying Penner is not worth the money, but then turning around and giving Bertuzzi $4 million. At least Penner has upside, Bertuzzi is likely to get worse.

Secondly, if Burke keeps saying he has no problem with offer sheets, then why should a team offer a lowball offer sheet? All that means is the other team would match. If you're going to go for an offer sheet you might as well make it an offer the other team won't match.
Exactly, well said soundwave...thats the thing that sorta gets twisted in this. Burke didnt nessicarily admit today in that press.conf, that he never thought of Getzlaf or Perry in higher regards than Penner. If Im Burky i prolly do the same thing.

Nonis did not have to match the Kessler contract, for around 1.7 or w/e. one american writer sort of inferred that this is a rare thing, GMs usually decide to match. Like you mentioned though sw, that why lowball the player. Kevin Lowe said before all the dust settled with Vanek, that if you're offering this contract to RFA's they have to be lucrative deals, and worth it for the team going after them.

KLowe mentioned that the length of the contract is because of the draft picks involves. Makes sense totally, if for say, we signed Penner today for like a 2 year deal for 4Mill, then give up the same 1st,2nd, 3rd round picks, it's not fair compensation etc.

IMo, I can get this from Burkes point of view, im not sure what the reaction is from Ducks fans,. of this going down. If after the entry level contract expires Group2 I believe, a team made an effort to sign Stoll from the Oilers. Its tough comparing those 2 specific players though, Stoll and Penner. Jarret Stoll was drafted first of all, if Penner was drafted and playing in his first full season, and another team plucks him off your roster, I would be sweatin too.

You can't really predict future talent of a player and how he might translate in 3 or 4 years ahead in his NHL career,I guess thats the scouts job, but you can sure put odds on it and have to pay the coin for it. Its a real strategic move, Im not sure if I nessicarily agree though man, that we're affecting ever other team in the league. Maybe in some ways we are, Penner's contract wont inflate the league. Comparible players tho it would for sure, of that age group, I.E Burke mentioned in that press.conf Parise getting his 4 years for 12...Not 1 of the 30 GM's in the NHL would take Bertuzzi at 4-mill a season over Penner at 4.25, thats a fair knock against Burke, he might have another trick up his sleeve stashed in his pocket for down the road, Brian Burke is a slyfox he knows this business, he was asst.Commisoner at one point in the early 90's. I got respect for that, he's been a real credible GM, Brutally honest, he will say what he feels, maybe it's perceived that Burke is a whiner, in some way I agree he is contracdicting himself on the Beruzzi deal, he never had to Ink Bert to his contract Early July. Im not sure what his gameplan for that is.

The old, classic saying right, about Hockey players never forget, well it's twice that among the GMs and their brethern It's a legit move, this Dustin Penner transaction. Burkie allready said he thinks we're guiding our team into the sewer, so Penner sounds like he has alot to prove to his old team. Of course when Anaheim played Edmonton last season, we hoped Lupul had something to prove to his old club

With all the politics n everything about this aside, it's poetic justice more then anything We' were owed one, Burke won't have that same mentality though.

Remember Sedin is not sweedish for Hook...Slash..., Crosscheck me in the face! =D

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