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08-03-2007, 04:37 AM
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Originally Posted by Phoenix View Post
The D-man is a much better player than me! But what happens is in the defensive zone when the dman starts skating up to me, I start skating up too to keep in front, and I'm not able to receive a pass, watch where I'm going, and make sure i don't lose the puck in the process by being intercepted or simply overskating it! Its particularly if its on my backhand.

Ideally, should I be just trying to skate "sideways", ie. my back to the opposite direction in which the dman is skating.

I'll try skate on an angle more, that sounds like a good idea.

I know this is a bit harder than just skating at an angle but...

Ok, picture yourself receiving a pass from a teammate straight ahead and passing it right back to him. That motion of bringing your stick back upon contact with the puck right before dishing it back off is the motion I'm talking about.

If you can practice this motion in reverse, (stick out in front of you right before contact and bring it back to your side smoothly) you can accept these passes a little easier. It doesn't really require you to have super soft hands, just practice. However, if you play in a contact league I'd suggest knowing who's around you before attempting this. You could obviously get blindsided.


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