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08-03-2007, 12:16 PM
Seth Lake
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Originally Posted by nomorekids View Post
I started out on the boards, and was a regular there for a couple of years...basically until I found this board as a better place to talk with intelligent people.

there's simply too much ra-ra on that other board, and the groupthink gets frustrating.
Agreed. I like the level of conversation over here much better due to the lack of "rah-rah" type posts and the abundance of honest hockey conversation.

I've began to post recently on, but honestly I'm frustrated with the lack of true responses to my posts. Generally, I'll post something only to see it get buried in a series of one-liners and totally ignored. Here when you post something...generally people respond to you. There is much more conversation here and that's what I think many of us are here for.

Heck, the attitude difference is very clear in some of our posters that post on both boards. Not to single anyone out, but if you read Handtrick's posts here they are usually very informative and well-thought out. While over on the boards HT still makes a lot of hockey related posts, but also is involved in much of the social conversation that goes back and forth there because that is simply the atmosphere on the boards.

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