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08-04-2007, 08:10 AM
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Originally Posted by XavierX View Post
I really think the only thing holding back this team from growing and competing is the coaching staff. Without Tocchet, they just seem hollow and are unable to motivate people.

I agree on the coaching situation. I also have a lot of confidence in Maloney and his eye for talent. I also believe in a youth movement as long as it is done right.

So, I don't conform my opinion of Doug Moss to other people's opinions on this site and I am not a Coyote fan? Don't ask me to clarify a sentence in my post then (a post that I made over a week ago). That post was about the lack of local media coverage down here and how horrid what we do have is, not wether or not I want to jump on the Doug Moss train. I don't think Doug Moss belongs with the Coyotes, he doesn't strive for excellence. He was here while they were failing. And I do know hockey. I am just not use to being around people who run hockey and let it fail miserably. And as far as the lack of media coverage down here, how are they supposed to build a hockey market when they don't push the media to cover the team. They need to create a buzz around the game and you do that via media.

ewww on the 3344 ref. He's a crazy.

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