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08-04-2007, 11:01 AM
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I know one guy who was a tester for the sticks and went through about 20 of them in about 2 months. The biggest comment I have heard from the people I know that have used them, is that they get very whippy, fast.

The junior sized ones will probably be decent since they dont have too much force to weaken them, but the senior ones, I think the jury is still out. We got them at the store I work last Thursday and we've already sold about 5 of them ($199 JR, $319 SR)

I have seen the sticks being tested in the Lab @ RBK, and they seem to stand up to some very very high pressures, but of course, testing a brand-new stick doesnt compare to the wear and tear of regular play.

Just remember, it's the first release of a stick like this, so there surely will be kinks. They did an enormous amount of testing and finally were satisfied enough to retail it, but don't buy it if you are gonna be scared to break it.

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