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08-04-2007, 09:43 PM
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Originally Posted by FLYLine88 View Post
I hate Tivoing a game, if the Rangers go down by a goal and get pissed off and just start fast forwarding everything and hope they tie it up, if they don't then all well, I just fast forwarded most of the game. And if the Rangers are up, I get antsy as well and fast forward it hoping that the can hold the lead (i'll usually watch the final 2 minutes)...Tivo sucks.
Well man, you need to treat it like a live game and not fast forward through any part of it... Show some self control! How can you fast forward through a game we're winning to the final 2 minutes??? I would NEVER be able to do that...

Originally Posted by n8 View Post
Center Ice online?!? what the! i'll have to look into that.

anyways i couldn't watch the game on TiVO because i usually follow the box scores like mad and the game loses 90% of the reason to watch if i already know the outcome. My office is pretty comfy so I have no qualms watching there. we even get to drink beer where i work so score!
I'm confused man... If you are watching a recorded Ranger game, how is the box score going to give away the outcome??? You wouldn't see the final outcome of the game on the box score because it hadn't ended yet at the time it was recorded!

Also, which beer brewery do you work for?

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