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08-04-2007, 09:48 PM
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the holes are there mainly for strengthening, going with the notion of an arch is more solid as compared with a flat surface. It is also supposed to increase stick speed on the downswing, saying that the holes give it 21% less wind resistance than a regular stick. How much of a difference that makes is very VERY minimal, I mean we are talking in the range of milliseconds here so it doesn't make a very big difference at all.

Also it is not meant to be among the 'super-light' range of sticks. RBK doesn't put their weights on the sticks, but it is a little heavier than the other high-end sticks. Either way its a matter of grams, and seriously 15 to 20 grams is nothing, considering most people can vary the weight of their stick by double that depending on the tape job they do on their stick.

Basically, its a flashy stick, for a flashy player who has money to burn.

Just remember full-graphite makes a stick more fragile. More expensive = more performance, not more durability. Maybe instead of spending $300+ on this stick, pick up a few $100 sticks with a little bit of fibreglass in them for the same price and see what lasts longer.

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