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Originally Posted by Pred303 View Post
i've always liked these boards... and would post more often if i could access them while at work..

the posters here generally see a really good hockey game, without a doubt the hockey intelligence level here is far higher on average than the boards of course.. far higher..

but as handtrick mentioned... i (and trig and handtrick and a few others) have come to almost feel a civic responisbility to remain on the young, new hockey fans coming on there everyday have to have some people talking intelligent hockey the right way to them.. many are literally starving for hockey insight and ideas and what to look for.. many simply want to learn the game and will listen.. if all of us that know hockey, simply abandon them to talk hockey among ourselves, we're doing many a great disservice in my opinion... someone has to counter the negativism and pessimism and stupidness of the coldchicory's and abaddon's and many others or we'll lose hundreds of promising young hockey fans to ignorance..
I had been told about these boards and started to read some of these threads, but the level of bias on here about other boards and how this board is so much better and has better discussion and more hockey knowledge is a little interesting.
Nice picture of your bass fishing friend on the media thread.

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