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Originally Posted by Erack82 View Post
I'll take a shot at this...

Jaromir Jagr = Jarome Hager
Petr Prucha = Peter Prune
Michael Roszival = Micha Rose
Henrik Lundqvist = Henry Linn
Fedor Tyutin = Fred Tutes (Another good one I can't claim credit for)
Marek Malik = Marky Mark (Like Ricky Ricardo lol)
Martin Straka = Marty Stroke
Thomas Pock = Tommy Puck (Can't take credit, but this if my fav by far)

And now the non American version of the American players...

Scott Gomez = Scotis Gomis (Latvia)
Chris Drury = Krzysztof Durinski (Poland)
Brendan Shanahan = Brendislav Shahanov (Russian)
Ryan Callahan = Ryishi Catihatsi (Japan)
Sean Avery = Jan Averetchki (Slovakian? Not really but oh well)
Blair Betts = Braun Betttlinger (German...yes Braun)
Ryan Hollweg = Riku Haul (Finland...whatever happened to that guy?)
Colton Orr = Koltin Orov (Belarus)
Nigel Dawes = Mikael Dausson (Sweden)
Andrew Hutchinson = Andrei Hutchinsky (Russian)
Paul Mara = Pali Marri (Swiss/Italian)
Jason Strudwick = Jenson Struds (Denmark)
In response to the European names I present the Irish names to totally destroy the thread
Irish Names
Scott Gomez - Scott Gomehan
Chris Drury - Chris O'Drury
Brendan Shanahan - Brendan Shanahan
Ryan Callahan - Ryan Callahan
Sean Avery - Sean Avery
Blair Betts - Blair McBetts
Ryan Hollweg - Ryan Hollahan
Colton Orr - Colton McOrr
Nigel Dawes - Nigel O'Dawes
Andrew Hutchinson - Andrew Fitzhutchinson
Paul Mara - Paul McMara
Jason Strudwick - Jason MacStrudwick
Marc Staal - Marc O'Staal

And American versions of European names
Henrik Lundqvist - Henrik Lundquist

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