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Name: Greg
Age: 48 in Sept
Sex: M
Birthplace: E. St. Louis, IL
Hometown: Columbia, IL
Mode of Transportation: '98 Jeep Wrangler, '96 Saturn, still hoping for another Harley.
Job: Beer Brewer at A-B.

How and when you became a Blues fan: As a child, I watched on TV with my Dad, and when I stayed at my Grandpa's house, would listen on the radio with him, it was a magical time in my life.
I pity anyone that has never heard Noel picard's take on English. I had the opportunity to work with him for a few years, to say he is a dandy is an understatement.
Favorite Current Blues Player: Jax.
Favorite All-Time Blues Player: Sudsy, all the way.

Favorite Active NON Blues Player: Phaneuf.
Favorite All-Time NON Blues Player: Would Scott Stevens count here? If not, Mr. Hockey.

Your Definitive Blues Moment: Stevens and manson throwin' down. What a battle.
First Blues Game Attended: Saw them get skinned alive by the Rags when I was a teen.
College Attended/Attending: BAC, or SWIC as it is now called.
Music You Listen To: Wide range, anything from Wire to Hank Williams.
Favorite Band(s): Wire, Joy Division, Hank, Aintry, Bowie, Syd's Floyd.
Favorite Movie(s): Clockwork Orange, Slap Shot, Sling Blade, Spinal Tap.
Favorite Food: Mexican.
Favorite TV Show: Raw, Smackdown, Simpsons, South Park.
Hobbies: I fish a lot, play in a local rock band, used to play hockey, have a small recording studio and a hobby farm complete with chickens.

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