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03-09-2004, 06:57 PM
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Originally Posted by Edge
who's arguing, i am stating a fact.

On January 15th the Rangers contacted the Canucks about Carter.

They tosses around some ideas because they weren't totally sure that Dolan would give the okay for Jagr's salary.

The Jagr deal didnt hit the critical levels till after that when sather met with dolan {an incident that was widely talked about on here because many people thought sather was on his way out}.

So again I'm not picking a fight, but that is what happened.

As for Umberger, the deal between the Canucks and Rangers was being discussed for a few weeks and the second in '05 was being discussed. However Vancouver wanted to see if O'Neil was going anywhere and actually had a discussion about Carter with washington {who later went to LA}. After those two options dried up, they resumed talks with the Rangers. The Rangers preferred Umberger and as you stated at 1 p.m. today discussed a contract with lawton.

Having said that, the deal is just about done pending a few more details. The Rangers want to get him in the final 15 or so hartford games and then get him playoff experience seeing as he has lost most of this season.

again no one is arguing with you but when i know there are some details to add to a story or a report, i add them.

if you look i haven't disputed anything you said, i've just added to it.

nothing more, nothing less.
Ok, good deal. The Carter part does shock me however, as WAS was still talking about Umberger into today, as part of another deal. I was also told that the market for O'Neil was underwhelming with his injury. Rutherford wanted far too much, and it was my understanding that no one was even in the same ballpark.

I also was told (not at the time, but last night) that the Rangers had discussed Umberger as part of a potential Kovalev deal at some point in Feb.

That said, this is the information business and everyone hears truths and half truths and the fact is usually somewhere in the middle.

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