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08-06-2007, 05:16 PM
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Originally Posted by Mackattack View Post
Come to think of it, you could make the arguement that LeBron isn't even a top 5 player in the NBA:

1. Kobe
2. Duncan
3. Dirk
4. Iverson
5. Nash

Then there's Carmello Anthony, Gilbert Arenas, Dwayne Wade...

Crosby has no equal in the NHL right now... LBJ has sevral.
Iverson? Seriously?

For the record, less than 2/3 of the voters picked Sid as the MVP of the NHL.
Originally Posted by pb1300 View Post
Oh, easy there buddy. If you are going to have a top five, then Wade is definately gonna be there. Before Wade got hurt, he was carrying the Heat as good as any other player carried their team. Dirk has the talent, but he is not a winner, nor a leader. Talent alone doesnt put him in my top five.

5a. James
5b. Anthony

Thats the six best players in the NBA IMO.
the NBA MVP voting went down:


The thing is, James has the worst supporting cast out of all those guys (Kobe only slightly better). If James had some help, his game would definatly pick up.

Also, James was 2nd in MVP voting last year, behind only Nash, and was predicted to with the MVP at the start of the season. He took a step back this past year.

But he took a giant leap forward in the playoffs. James did something in the playoffs that none of those guys were able to do, and that was take his team on his back to the NBA finals. If we are talking about being a leader and winner, well, when it was on the line, James raised his game higher than anyone else.

As for Sidney vs Lebron...

Sid won the MVP and Art Ross. Its arguable if he is the best in the league, but only if we are talking goalies, or maybe defensemen. Sid is the best forward in the NHL. The same cant be said for James. Advantage Crosby.

Lebron lead his team to the Finals, and had one of the most dominating games in recent basketball history. He raised his game to a level that Sidney has not reached. Advantage James.

So if we are talking regular seasons, Crosby wins quite easily. If we are talking playoffs, when games are more important, James wins quite easily. So which is more important? Sucess over the long season, or being able to step up your game when need be?

Anyone who says either is better by a wide margin is just wrong.

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