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08-07-2007, 03:51 AM
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Originally Posted by OilerNut View Post
What really improved my stamina was going to a rink by work that had public skating around lunch time. I would go there 2x a week and skate my ass off for 30 mins each time.
I'll agree with this as I used to work at a rink as a skate guard during public session. I'd open it up on the ice and showoff lol but it was actually helping at the same time. I was playing 3-4 times a week and sometimes only 5 guys and a goalie would show up and I'd skate the whole game. After doing this a few times I had no problems doing it on a regular basis. This was of course before I made the jump to D2 and D1 mens league. At that level you'll probably die.

Anyhow, someone previously mentioned sprinting for 15 seconds. This kind of training is only good to build your anaerobic conditioning when you'll need a burst of speed, quickness or a little extra energy to get a shot off at the end of your shift. Plyometrics is also good for this but do not confuse it with stamina training.

If hockey is your game, on ice practice sessions cannot be sacrificed. The same can be said for your off ice workouts. Unfortunately it can be a PITA to get ice time in order to improve your on ice conditioning.


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