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08-07-2007, 08:34 AM
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I guess I'm the lucky one...

I'm originally from Buffalo, New York (hopefully moving back soon!)
Hockey was everywhere when I was a kid. Our high school had Frosh, J.V. and Varsity hockey. We had squirt, pee wee, midget, bantam, bantam 'A' (travel team!), and then junior 'b' (the Junior Sabres)...all of the Sabres games were televised on t.v. since cable first came the area, Cablevision channel 10, with the bad graphics, poor sound, and Ted Darling...My first savings account, 10 years old, 1980, and the banker gave me a stuffed animal buffalo - and a blue, road, Sabres jersey!
I guess reading all your posts I see how spolied I was. I can admit that in the back of my mind I kind of look at the business model of 'if it doesn't work financially in an area, then let it go to an area that it does'. But, then again, you read about how in your area its booming (recreationally at least), and people can't get a game on a sheet as there is not enough space...
As far as hockey in the south, some of the most entertaining games I've gone to were the two Fayetteville FireAntz SPHL games in 2005, fall. That small little arena was kind of 'cute' (can it be possible? But, after so many games I saw at the RBC in Raleigh, a mecca, this little bowl was so quaint...) and was literally 'packed' with fans in jerseys, and tons of kids! Maybe 2,200 - 2,500 on the FRI and SAT games. (But, I'm may have just seemed packed, as your so close to the ice, and its so loud in there.) The point being that if you can get these small towns so into the sport/team - even with the tag - team/TNA/WWE style stuff that goes on during the game at times - you can build a huge base and following in a winning town sound as Nashville. Once you guys win the cup/go deep in the playoffs, all this past talk of 'not making it' will be a memory...
Oh - I also went to two TB Lightning games, packed, and it was tough to get seats! I think they do well down there supporting them (?)
Long winded, but your posts really touched me somewhat...I'm glad things are finally looking up for you guys!

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