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03-09-2004, 10:17 PM
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Originally Posted by Edge

some people look and say "how he could not do good on ottawa". i look and say "he made one of the best teams in hockey and was a contributer".

Blah blah yeah I know, but the only other teams I've watched consistently this year (through center ice) were atlanta and Ottawa, and I'm sorry it was just my opinion from watching him that he never really impressed me all that much. Yeah I've seen him play some pretty good games but I've also seen him seem like he was just going through the motions as well.

It's not even that I expected more for DeVries it's just that I didn't expect him and didn't really want him. Then again that's why Slats is the GM and I'm not. Could he have garnered more? We'll never know either way. It's a done deal and there's nothign I can do about or could do about it. Let's just hope he proves me wrong.

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