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Originally Posted by TheHotRock View Post
Staal isn't gonna command top dollar after his rookie contract because he's not gonna put up studly offensive numbers. On top of that, Jagr will be gone when its time for his new deal.

As for Callahan and Girardi, these are not guys hwo are going to get the money aint a thing treatment, either one will be extremely lucky to walk away with 2 mil on their next deal (I think 1.5 sounds about right for either guy).

Hossa on the books won't cripple us financially. write that down.
Maybe not in his first year, but he definately could down the road.

Not only do we have to deal with Staal (who if he is as good as he can be will be worth a large amount at some point), but also Tyutin will want a significant raise, Cherepanov could get big bucks eventually, as maybe Bourret, etc.

If we sign Hossa, we wont have enough cap room to resign important core parts such as the ones mentioned above.

Can we just focus on developing our own homegrown talent and giving them a shot instead of signing someone else to an expensive long-term deal?

Dont get me wrong, I love Hossa, but cap-wise, its a stretch for it to work

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