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Originally Posted by TheHotRock View Post
Staal isn't gonna command top dollar after his rookie contract because he's not gonna put up studly offensive numbers. On top of that, Jagr will be gone when its time for his new deal.

As for Callahan and Girardi, these are not guys hwo are going to get the money aint a thing treatment, either one will be extremely lucky to walk away with 2 mil on their next deal (I think 1.5 sounds about right for either guy).

Hossa on the books won't cripple us financially. write that down.
Staal is signed for 3 more years. After 3 full years in the NHL I really doubt he will not be getting at least 5mill. If as good as he is supposed to be.

You guys are also forgetting that Roszival, Mara, Malik(UFA's), Girardi and Tyutin(RFA's) are all free agents after this season. Won't be cheap to replace/re-sign all of those players. Defense isn't cheap.

Lets say you get a defense for about 15 mill, which is on the low side to say the least. You would have at least 41 million locked up now. for defense, 4 forwards and a goalie. You'd still have to sign at least 9 more players. for 9 million as the cap is right now. Let's say it goes up to 55 even. 14 million for 9 players.

And that is only spending 15million on your whole defense.

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