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Originally Posted by Jovofan View Post
Hey guys. I may be coming to NYC sometime in '08 and thought I would ask a few questions hoping that you can help me out with my plans and such. I know pretty much nothing about New York, not sure the layout of the city etc. I've been checking airline prices and the flights into Newark seem to be fairly reasonable, is that too far out of the city or would it be a better move to fly into JFK?

How easy is it to get around? Is the public transit system reliable? What about cabs, I'm assuming they're pretty pricey?

I'm not exactly sure when I'd be coming so I don't know what season I'll be there for. If I went to a Yankees game would I need advance tickets or could I get them on game day? Same question regarding the Knicks, Rangers etc. What about the Giants or Jets, how far away is the stadium from downtown?

I'm guessing that the hotels downtown would cost an arm and a leg, is there any other place I could stay but is still close enough to downtown that I won't need to travel 2 hours to get there?

What kind of other touristy things do you suggest? Any places I should avoid going? (ie - unsafe for tourists).

I know I asked a lot of questions in here, sorry to take up so much of your time but I appreciate the help! Thanks a lot!
I'm not sure where you should fly into, because there both close to NY. Most people in NY walk, we'll at least from my experiances when i've been there. there isnt alot of parking space. for games i would pre-order the tickets just to be safe, and about where not to go, sorry i dont know that. i dont live in NYC, but i've been there when i was little and its alot like tokyo, where i went about a month ago. hope i could help.

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