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03-10-2004, 12:53 AM
Capn Brown
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I don't know. I tend to think the Carter trade will come back to haunt us. When I heard that we gave up Aulin my immediate reaction was like " how do we get him back?!" I realise the guy's *only* a prospect, but he was our #3 right behind Brown and Grebs and I think that says a lot. Even still, the 2004 draft is right around the corner so the Kings will have 10 chances to, perhaps, find a guy or three who are better than Aulin. I'd still like Jared back, though.

And my next thought was Carter's played for the Caps (twice), Rags, Oilers & Bruins. If he's so good, why does he get moved as frequently as Donald Audette? And if McPhee really was *hot* for Aulin, couldn't DT have tried to pry Daigneault out of the deal? It could have easily have been Aulin, Pirnes & a 3rd for Carter & Daigneault, but there I go again crying over spilt milk.

BTW, Carter didn't impress tonight. He floated around the ice the way Mike Krushelnyski used to do, sort of oblivious to stuff going on around him, waiting for the plays to come to him instead of *going for* loose pucks. Or I'm just bitter.

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