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08-09-2007, 05:55 PM
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Brians is the most stocked goal Gear in the area so I get to check them out frequently.

Brians makes some very nice and top quality items. The beast SR and Sr pro offer large amounts of protection in both gloves. The blocker thumb guard is IMO a bit of over kill. Extending much further than the sticks shaft dia., it makes a paddle down difficult at times. Using the 1.5" shaft knob, recovering a stick was a bit more difficult. Split finger guard and multiple connections give solid puck and other impact protection.

The catch glove has very good protection as well as the more comfortable modern dual strapping system. One at the wrist and the other in line with the thumb. The cuff design will help prevent some of the redirects and near misses that result in goals.

The hybrid pad design (2006+) maintains several of the features of the traditional pad but Incorporated with todays more standard features of the butterfly pad. Angled thigh rise, offset toe lace and the quasi flat face even extended into the knee rolls make it solid for Bfly. The knee rolls being wider and flatter do a very good job of keeping a more flat front face.

Given the small amount of use, you should find not much more than puck marks and an occasional skuff at the "Near ice" ends of the skate gusset binding. Any cuts to any panel would mean a large drop in their resale value. Cut straps or broken speed clips(yes you would prob prefer) are another smaller value drop.

If the pads are 2006 or newer in like new condition you would do well if getting them at about 2/3 original price. Major cuts or ripping would bring the price to around 20% of original. Glove blocker used would be about 1/2 to 2/3 original depending on wear. Look for wear on the gloves lace bindings along glove/pocket edge. the blockers palm is another area to get a look at. Both of these areas and the amount of flattening/wear on the internal hand areas will tell you how much use the gear has seen.

NOT all senior and Pro Model are equal in the case of Catchers amd what an NHL player wears means squat in regards to the gear we are selecting from. Many of these guys wear not much more than the graphic. do not let what an NHLer is wearing influence your selection.

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