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08-09-2007, 09:30 PM
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I didn't score it, but I saved one and my team ended up scoring.

One of their players had a breakaway, and we were down by one late in the game. Our goalie (played wicked aggressive), skates out of the net and dives at the puck. They're probably about 10-15 away from the net at this point with me being 5-6 feet further behind the puck. The other team's kid just dekes around our goalie, so I dive over the goalie, extend my stick and body to full extent. My head was down facing the ice so I didn't see what happened, but my teammates told me that the puck was shot, hit my stick or glove, somewhere around that area, and went into the corner.

If I didn't dive in the way, it would've went in. So I get up, one of my teammates passes it to me, I shoot it up off the board to one of the wingers, he takes it up, and ends up scoring to tie up the game.

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