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08-09-2007, 09:37 PM
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The best goal anybody I personally knew was my little brother his 8th grade year.

First I know I talk about my little brother alot... but I that's because he's amazing at hockey. I'm sure if we were some place better he'd be playing at a very high level. He's very passionate and very gifted.

Anyways it was our third game of the season. I was a senior and he was an 8th grader on a HS Varsity team. So the night before the game we realise his skates weren't fitting and I had an old pair of 12's in the basement that I had used before I became a 13. So he goes and uses that. Part way through the game the blade on his left skate snaps off (he has the puck by the way.. right by the crease) and he gets down on one knee. He slides to the right of the goalie and scores. That was when I realised he was a prodigy. He'll probaby play Div II or III collegic hockey.

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