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08-10-2007, 01:31 AM
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You can try to get two pylons and line them up side by side (or 2 of anything that will stand on its own) separated by about 2-3 feet and stick handle in a figure 8 motion thru them. Once you get that hang of it, then you can go crazy and start testing yourself in all different directions without hitting the cones or losing the puck. Start off slow, then work your way up to speed and try and do it backwards as well. This should help a bit.

Also, try doing it with your head up while keeping an open eye for an invisible open man. Where ever you see that open man...hit em with a pass as quickly and hard as possible. If you really wanna get crazy you can set up cones or targets all around and try to make contact on the targets with a pass. Force yourself to keep your head up.

Another thing you can do considering you won't always get ice time...practice with a golf ball outdoors; and unless you're in an open area, I strongly suggest sticking to the handling. Shoot that golf ball and it'll take the ******* off possibly causing you to break someone window lmao.

Keep your head up at all times as this will train you to have a feel for the puck without actually looking at it.

Hope this helps...


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