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03-10-2004, 08:34 AM
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In Umberger, Balej, Rachunek and Kondratiev...

Originally Posted by True Blue
They guy may be a good personnel man as far as scouting goes, but he is NOT an NHL coach.
As for his system looking better w/ younger players, I would say yes, but for the fact that it was his system that also failed miserably in Vancouver when Naslund and Bert were younger than thay are now.

As for the 2001 draft, it is FAR too early to judge. We really need more than one energetic game to be able to judge fairly. Heck, Peter Smerk looked good for a few games as well. There is far more to the game than just getting a bunch of future 3rd/4th liners. You cannot win w/ a team of nothing but them. You need actuall talent somewhere.
they did get more than the third and fourth liners. Add in the #1 pick, which could very well been in the top five, and six picks overall in the yop fifty, and I would say they have a good opportunity to get more talent.

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