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08-10-2007, 11:08 AM
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Originally Posted by devito1192 View Post
your quote i believe was "salary cap, blah, blah blah." now why is it a big deal when getting hossa? your contradicting yourself no matter what point your making. i don't think you understand what your talking about anymore. i don't have to look at your posts in this thread to realize you don't understand whats going on. all i have to do is look at your line combinations. don't try and break down another guys opinion and act like you know what your talking about. your not fooling anyone.
Dude i dont' care what you think of me...

my line combos were my opinion on how to balance out the lines..YOU can't understand that the Rangers role 3 lines and Drury, Shanny, and Avery would all get more ice time then Prucha and Callahan because of special teams....shocking..

saying salary cap "blah blah blah" was in response to you having a problem with Drury on the 3rd line...I don't think the salary cap matters when putting together line does matter when putting together the you understand thd difference? the answer is clearly no...

I never said i was a salary cap expert but i know what makes sense for the team and what doesn't...Hossa doesnt' make sense when you factor in the guys the Rangers are going to resign the next 5 years...

you disagree that's fine but taking my posts out of context isn't exactly fair...

ut-oh you don't think i understand what's going will i sleep at night!!!

i'm done with this and clearly have no grasp on logic or how a TEAM works...


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