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03-10-2004, 09:17 AM
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Originally Posted by sandman08
not that us HFers mean a whole lot in the grand scheme of things and not that the game is played "on paper" or our opinions as fans means the world and is "the law" but i was bored and last night (before the bert incident) i asked all the folks in the chatroom what they thought it would take to make us a legitimate stanley cup contender (in lieu of the kovy deal) and the response i pretty much got was "another top 6 forward with grit/power forward and another good defencemen" .. to which i asked "would ryan smyth and brendan witt do it or would we need more?" ... the answer i then recieved was that we would be up there with the big boys in that case, so we have komi, his upside is considered greater than a witt so do you guys think we have a chance to develop that defencemen and somehow get the PF we need for the next year? (this of course hinges on our team remaining together (relativey, the top 6 (minus dags currently and add a guy like smyth) we can challenge for the cup in the near future? or atleast sooner than we and others have thought?
First off, we have to remember that we have 2 players (Ribs and Ryder) over achieving this year. With that being said, the Canadiens still have to address the top 6 power forward, there is not one prospect in our organization that has the ability to step in within the next 2-3 yrs and be that person.

As far as our defense is concerned, we have Komi and I am glad that we are going to give him time to develope.

I still have to say that the Habs need 2-3 yrs to mature together like the Canucks did.

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