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08-10-2007, 06:10 PM
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Originally Posted by Barnak View Post
Thanks for all the feedback!

I recently bought one of those smarthockey balls, so I'll try to do a few dry land practice drills on a regular basis. The pick-up games are probably a good idea as well.

What about dekes and stuff? I can carry the puck up the ice, but my big problem is one on one with the d.
The best advice I can give you is learn to change gears on D-man.

Come at him in 4th gear, drop into 3rd, as he closes in throw it in 5th and take off. If done properly you can get around most D-man (considering you have good speed as you mentioned)

Then once your hands come from around from all the practice, try the above mentioned with some nifty stick handling moves. Always keep your head up, as this will help you read what the D-man are doing and you can anticipate your next move, keeping the puck away from defending poke checks, etc.

Also...while some players are better stick handlers than others, with the right amount of practice I think you'll be able to satisfy your goals.

Practice, practice, PRACTICE. When you're comfortable, test yourself out in game situations as this is the best way to really get the timing down.

Good Luck,


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