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03-10-2004, 10:12 AM
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Hawk players inquired about

Which players other GMs called to see if pully wanted to trade.

Daze-he's a proven goal scorer and seems not to have lost his scoring touch. But with his history of back problems other teams probably offered up a prospect and a pick or just picks. I think pully wanted a nhler in return for Daze. Would like to know if there was any truth behind the Daze to Colorado for Morris rumor? Morris would of been a great pickup.

Arnason was another. Most likely because of the bar incident with Sutter. I don't think their ready to give up on the kid just yet. True he plays a soft game but he has to much talent with the puck to dump now. In this situation i'd hope Sutter would get dumped first. The owner and pully love Sutters,just look at all the Red Deer players.

Bell is the last one. A big guy who is just starting to come into his own. A wasted phone call cuz he ain't goin no where!!!

Krapo for a 4th rounder? I figured the Hawks would have to trade a 3rd rounder with him just to get a 6th rounder back. Pully stated that he was shocked to be able to dump Karpovtsev.LOL

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