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08-12-2007, 11:16 AM
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Originally Posted by illmatic View Post
I'm hoping it's anyone BUT Valiquette...

I'm with TB, SOS, and everyone else who has doubts that Valiquette is even a capable NHL goalie, let alone a backup on a team with Cup aspirations...

with Valiquette, if there's a clear shot at the net, it's almost always going in...the Blues game was a perfect example- some people are already starting with the revisionist "he won the St. Louis game" history, but we were blocking a ton of shots that day (we led the NHL in blocked shots per game last season), and the soft goals he let in were stoppable by any average NHL backup...also, in the Montreal game where Lundqvist was pulled, we actually kept coming back, but each time we scored Valiquette would then let in a horrible goal and kill the momentum every time...I just can't think of one game where he looked good...and just look at how much "faith" the Rangers coaches had in Valiquette by giving Henrik that insane workload down the stretch...

we can't go into next season with Valiquette as our backup...I can't see him handling even 17 games...Lundqvist will have to take on a Brodeur-type workload, and if Henrik suffers any type of serious injury, with Valiquette, the season is immediately over...

I'm just hoping that if Montoya isn't the backup, it's only for hockey-related reasons, and not short-sighted "don't want to pay him (or a vet backup) an NHL salary so we'll go with Valiquette" reasons
I agree with all of that, but its not the short sightedness, we literally do not have the money under the cap to pay Montoya's nearly 2 million contract. It's would put us to within under a million of the cap, and we need more wiggle room than that for the season.

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