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Originally Posted by Son of Steinbrenner View Post
Hollweg is the ideal 4th line player..."oh but SoS he doesn't score!" who cares he hits everything and his only real drawback is his rep around the league...

Colton Orr is the guy that should be dropped but that isn't happening...

strudwick can easily be waived at the start of the season..

hutchinson is a depth defenseman...

being that these players all make at or near the league minimum unless you want the rangers to have a 20 man roster there is nothing that can be done about this...unless i'm totally missing your point i don't see what's so shortsighted about having a 23 man roster...

montoya is better served in hartford then playing 17 to 20 games in the nhl..unless those games are bunched together (if lundqvist gets hurt for any length of time) vally is going to be the backup...
first off I actually like Hollweg's game and don't mind him as a 4th liner, I was just using him as an example of an expendable player...

my point is this: after the Rangers signed Gomez and Drury, they ALREADY knew Cap space would be an issue with the Shanahan/Lundqvist/Avery/Prucha/Hossa deals to still be done...

so why sign Strudwick for $500,000? yeah he can be waived at the start of the season, but why would they re-sign him during the summer just to waive him a few months later? and do we really need Hutchinson as a depth defenseman with a $500,000 salary?

7th: Pock...and there's more defensive depth in Hartford

take away Strudwick/Hutchinson and Valiquette: that's $1.6 million gone...add Montoya (or a vet backup): that's at most $1.8 million where's the roster issues? where's the Cap problem?

it's short-sighted when every Cap dollar is extremely valuable, but yet they're using $1 million in Cap space on depth defensemen like Strudwick and Hutchinson, while looking to save that same $1 million (Montoya's $1.8 million - Valiquette's $635,000 = about $1.1 million) by possibly going cheap on the important backup goalie position...

and SOS even if you feel that Montoya still belongs in Hartford, I know you'd be more comfortable with almost any vet than Valiquette if money was no issue

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