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03-10-2004, 02:27 PM
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Originally Posted by Edge
i dunno if scoring can pick up per say, but i would do def. say there is a feeling that there are jobs out there to be won.

Unless sather goes out and signs 20 free agents next year, which i dont think he'd do at this point if he could, i think we are going to see a younger team next year and a rebuilding team.

Sather is going to try to speed up that process by drafting himself a franchise player {Ovchekin if he can} and then building around that player. Very similar to the approach of an expansion team if you will.

He didn't really get any "top-elite" prospects in his trades, but rather guys needed to round out a roster.

i dont know if he'll get his man in ovechekin but i can tell you with out any doubt in mind that he is going to make a major push for him. I am willing to put my reputation on it. it's been mentioned in the papers and more than a few people i know and trust have said he wants that pick. i cant say what he'll give up for it but i'd also almost be willing to bet that lundmark is gonna be part of the package.

My thinking right now is that Sather is going for a prime forward and either a secondary forward {Ladd, Schremp, etc.} or a defenseman {Green's name has been mentioned a lot}.

what he ultimatly gets in the end is unknown, but the rangers are going to be in the mix for this draft. so is washington.
Do you think we have the artillary to get move up in the draft more than once? I hope he doesn't consider moving next years first rounder, with the way the team looks now it could be the top 3.

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