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08-14-2007, 08:06 AM
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Your biggest stuff-ups/embarassing moments

Ok, spill it here, what's your most embarrassing hockey moment, or biggest stuff up. Guess u should rate your skill level too - might make it better or worse lol.

Gah, mine is absolutely'll take me ages to live this one down. I'm a beginner player but hopefully at a stage where I'll move up soon.
ANYWAY, got my first ever penalty shot, and because we were short a goalie, I got it against an empty net with the tarp across it. Thought gee this would be dead-easy, and I skated in extra-slowly to make sure I wouldn't stuff up....but made the mistake of not concentrating as much as I should have...puck sails in and CLANG hits the post.

What made it worse was that of course the players from the higher levels who I want to impress were there to see it, but of course weren't around earlier when I did some much more wonderful work in the game.

So can anyone beat me?!

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