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Originally Posted by Habsaku
Then I will!

Coaching: Up and coming young rookie sensation Claude Julien vs overweight drunk Irish fool Fat Quinn: I'd say that Quinn gets the slight edge because of his experience and the fact he won a gold medal (with arguably the best team in history). Julien has a knack at getting good matchups and outcoaching the opponent, hes still inexperienced and has no playoff games under his belt, this will cost him as he has made many rookie mistakes over the year. He makes good lines and rewards his players well, he can also make them play at a high intensity for long stretches, but Quinn knows his players better as he has been TO's coach for a long period of time. Advantage TO.

System: The Habs are a puck possesion yet defensive team. They like to control the puck with centers such as Koivu, Ribeiro and Begin. The style suits them well and with a strong defense and all-star goaltending, they easily minimize scoring chances while capitalizing on their own. The system is near perfect as it has been said by many of the oppositions coaches and players but the players do not have the talent or the physicall attributes to play it at the fullest. Toronto on the other hand has a run and gun game based solely on offense. It suits them perfectly as they are all physicall, big and mostly talented. They can punish teams physically and have no lack of creativity or chemistry. However, turnovers, defensive errors, mental lapses are frequent and can lead to bad goals. The system is practically non existant at times but you cant question the desire of the players and their willingness to play. The style can kill the other team, but can also kill the home team, its unbelievably difficult to play in the playoffs with the run and gun and stay healthy and energetic. I know so because as a player I've always been fast, physical and intense, but when I play frequently I sometimes ask myself when its going to stop because Im hurting like hell. Its no different in the NHL and the Leafs need tons of depth and desire because injuries are a killer in the post-season.
I'd give the edge to the Habs, but they don,t have the talent to play it correctly so I say its a draw. The leafs are 8th in GAA GFA Diff. and Habs 10th(with less talent), so its very close.

Offense: No question about it, the Leafs win it by far. They are huge physical, experienced and talented. They can wear down any opponent with punishing hits and can score the goal that makes you win game 7. With Mogilny and Sundin, you are assured to have a great playoff run, BUT DEEEEEEEFFFFFFFEEEEEEENNNNCE, the Habs forwards are much much more responsible defensively. This is crucial, even the Red Wings forwards played defense, the leafs don't even have a legit checking line center. The habs have just enough talent to make them win, you dont need an overabondance(the leafs dont have it anyway) and with Kovalev, Ryder, Perreault, Koivu, Zednik, Bulis, Ribeiro, Begin, Sundstrom they can score the necessary goals. The Habs have added grit, but they'll need lots of team toughness to compete. Antropov, Sundin, Mogilny, Nolan, Roberts, Stajan, Tucker, Domi , Nieuwendyke and Francis can scare the **** out of any team in this league. They have good experience, but like I said earlier, no structure either.
I give the edge to the leafs.

Defense: Well, well, well... I think the Habs have one of the most underrated defense in the league. Rivet, Quintal, Brisebois, Bouillon, Komisarek are all solid defensemen, Brisebois has cut down enormously on errors and he makes great outlet passes while QB the powerplay when Markov cant. The other four are physical, strong and mobile(except Quintal). Komisarek is the only one to make big mistakes but at this point of his career hes just a number 7. Rivet, Quintal, Bouillon and Komisarek all play with enormous intensity and have big hearts, the biggest hearts on the team probably(add Begin, Saku and Ryder). They provide leadership also and can drop the gloves when necessary. They clear the crease and punish the opponent as bvest they can. Souray and Markov are the cream of the crop though. Souray is very complete, hes a monster physically, he's got a cannon, hes very mobile, he makes good passes and he quaterbacks the powerplay. Hes the type of defensemen teams kill for. Hes just as good at the moment as Brian Leetch and provides more then enough leadership, he's simply not as experienced. Markov is our best defensemen IMO, especially the last few weeks. He has so much poise and hes so smart I'm dazzled every time. He can make some unbeliable plays and he never backs down from a challenge. His heart is in the right place and hes not affraid of anyone. He uses his stick well to check opponents and hes always the first guy back on defense. He always repairs his own and his partners blunders. I'd like to say more, but hes just god damn good. The leafs defense is good no doubt about it. But the Habs have more then just a good top4. Klee, Kaberle, Leetch and McCabe make up for solid pairings but can you safely say you are comfortable with them? Your top 6 is not even that big, theres no one over 6'4 or 220 pounds, in fact only McCabe gets to 220 pounds. Marchment,Pilar, Berehowsky and Berg and not defensemen you want in the playoffs, they will not provide the solid effor tyou need to succeed and as good and dependable as your top 4 is, its nothing special. I,d like to say I can analyze them individually but I cant, I only see games as a whole and it struck me that the defense is not that good. Leetch and McCabe are definetly the key, if they dont perform, forget about it. I give the edge to the Habs, but the leafs are close.

Goaltending: I'll make this quick, we might have better number 2 then your number 1. Sure Belfour is a cup winner but his best days are behind him and even though hes still a number 1, I believe his health and age are an issue. You wont get far without him and he probably still has juice in the tank, but Theodore is just awesome when he gets going. He has already proven he can perform under pressure and this year he's shown a lot of character rebounding from his struggles. I give the edge to the Habs and I dont think this is debatable. Belfour is very good, but not quite as good.

Basically, cup winners have good defense, goaltending and system. I believe you lack in all three and it shouldnt come as surprise to see you get beaten by the Habs. The Leafs are still a better team though. More experienced, tougher, grittier, more leadership and more intense.
Any1 else find this hillarious?

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