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08-14-2007, 09:05 PM
milieu bluez
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Name: Jon
Age: 28
Sex: Bull
Birthplace: Oxnard, Ca
Hometown: Quincy, Il
Mode of transportation: 98 honda civic
Job: Pediatric RN, Army National Guard Medic, Squad Leader and NCOIC of surgical treatment tent.
How and when i became a Blues fan: 1993 moved to Missouri, had already been a huge La Kings fan, adopted the Blues who would over throw the Kings as my favorite team. Although the Kings still hold a special place in my heart.
Favorite Blues Player: Jay Mclement (Dallas Drake) Oshie is my favorite to be.
All Time: Al MacInnis
Favorite non Blues player: Chris Pronger/Rob Blake
All Time: Rob Blake
Your defenitive blues moment: meeting Al MacInnis
First Game attended: 1992 Attended a game in LA, was amazed at Butt Hull's skill level. Kings won 5-2 I believe.
College: JWCC
Music I listen to: alt/rock, techno, classic rock, raggae, ska, and heavy metal
Favorite bands: Bayside, Digitalism, NIN, Led Zepplin, Sublime and Alice n Chains
Favorite Movies: Starwars, Pulp Fiction, 5th Element, Clerks, Fight Club, and Army of Darkness
Favorite Teams: Blues, Kings, Cardinals, A's, Spain (soccer), Vikings, Minn and UND College Hockey (I know)
Favorite food: Seafood, mexican, and Cantanees(?)
Favorte TV show: Rome, Lost, Big Love, MXC, Mythbusters, Digging for the Truth, Deadliest catch, Surivior mand , and Man vs Wild (was crock hunter) All Sting Rays must die!
Hobbies: Fantasy Hockey, Softball, Soccer, playing with my kids, paintball, poker, golfing, and drinking games (the bar just isn't as fun anymore).

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