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08-15-2007, 08:31 AM
Kevin Wey
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CCM Oxysox are the best. I used to skate barefoot (and did not have any blister problems at all) but was encouraged to try a pair of Oxysox by the then equipment manager of a USHL hockey team (who has since become a collegiate equipment manager). I tried them, and they were unbelievable. They help wick away the moisture from my feet and they also provide significant support to my arch and feet and also to my calves. I bought four pairs before CCM bought them out, and they look the same to me, so....

Some people complain about them feeling tight at first, and I know some people experience some cramping in the arch the first one or two times (I experienced this very mildly) but I could also feel the significant support they were giving me. Plus, given I have flat feet and have experienced getting used to orthotics, I had experienced this feeling in my arch before and new it was for the better. The support the Oxysox give me allowed me to increase my ankle mobility by not using the second-to-the-top eyelets and helped make my feet and calves less fatigued, and I skated six to seven days a week at that time (I played Junior B and then ACHA college hockey).

No, I'm not a rep for CCM

But I do believe strongly in the Oxysox, just like I do Graf skates.

Also, it is my experience that ill-fitting socks cause more blister problems than going barefoot ever could (unless your skates are also not fit properly). If your skates fit you properly, you should not get blisters from them when skating. If you do, it means you have too much "slop" and you need to have them rebaked OR you need a narrower skate. (My foot is very narrow, C width instep a B width heel, so I obviously use the narrow Grafs). Add in that they're flat, and you get someone whose had to learn a lot about feet and what works.

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