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08-16-2007, 08:04 AM
Kevin Wey
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Originally Posted by We'reGonnaWin View Post
I like going without socks sometimes too. But understand, that playing barefoot and sweating into your boot like that will prematurely wear down your boot.
Yep, good call on the wearing boots down when not wearing socks. I took great care of my CCMs when I skated barefoot (later switched to Graf) but still found that the boot would start to rot and I'd start losing eyelets when not wearing socks. Today, I take great care of my Grafs and have had them for two years and they look almost brand new. I always take the footbeds out, which for me are custom-made orthotic ones and hang them up on the equipment tree. I also sharpen my own skates. I've found that taking six or seven passes every two skates or so does a lot to keep the steel in excellent conditioning, which means you won't have to take off a lot of steel at one time. I primarily own my own sharpener because I got tired of people f-ing up my skates, and I'm fairly particular about the feel of my skate blades. Just like with tires, they're your contact patch. If they're not right, you cannot play your best.

GreekDrummer: Yes, the Oxysox are ones that go directly on your foot, not the socks you wear over your shinpads.

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