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03-10-2004, 10:19 PM
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They had this topic on the talk radio I was listening to at work today. Some people have no clue. Take fighting right out, more stickwork. Some ass clowns evan went as far to complain about the hockey players fowl language. Having played high school football, I think the language that goes back in forth between plays is far worse, especially under a big pile of bodies. They also commented that their is no fighting in football, yet it is a very physical game. Actually i got yanked for accidently fighting my opponents nose tackle, buit you can't really do anything to hurt the other in football. But yeah, if their was no instigator, it would have been settled long ago
You take away contact like some other fools said, you get woman's hockey, which i have watched, and is well boring. It's not like this happens every game or year, it's an isolated incident

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