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03-10-2004, 10:56 PM
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THREE things:

#1 The Flyers had LAST change. Martin put out two fighters to fight. The Flyers responded by trying to run and hide, which they wern't allowed to do. Simply put out a couple tough guys when you see two tough guys on the other team. You should be annoyed at your coach, not the coach of the other team.

#2 Martin (like most every coach in the NHL), in a game where the opposition has declared that one of your players is going to be fed his lunch, is going to ensure he hajs "protection" for his players. With 90 seconds left and down by three goals, you better believe he is going to put out "protection", in this case Rob Ray. He didn't send him out to fight, he sent him out to ensure that the Flyers didn't pull a stunt.

#3 Niel would hold his own with Brashear, he is a FAR better fighter than you give him credit for. And remember, Brashear repeatedly turned Niel down during the game, so it isn't that Niel won't fight him.

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