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08-17-2007, 04:29 PM
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It depends. In the defensive zone I always try to win it down to the corner. It means switching my grip depending on the side of the ice we're on but that is the safest play.

In the neutral zone i generally try to win it back to my defense to get the clear puck posession.

In the offensive zone is where I play around a little more. Sometimes I'll have my net side winger line up at the high end of the circle vs. on the hash marks and win it back to him. We've gotten a few quick goals that way.

Other times I try to win it back to my D to get a quck shot. This can be risky at times as sometimes the other center will sense I am doing this and "Help" me win this face off by getting it so hard it goes out of the zone. We have control but now have to regroup.

Other times yet I'll win it to my winger on the boards who can fire a quick pass to the center ice D man for a shot. Other times if I'm having bad luck on the face offs I'll just try to win by making my swipe a shot and hope my net side winger can get to the net quickly enough for a rebound chance before the goalie covers or clears.

yes, I can over think these things sometimes but I really love our team getting that tic tac toe goal right off a face off. It's my favorite way to get an assist.

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