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08-20-2007, 05:54 PM
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Hockey & HDTV

I was unsure if this topic didn't belong in the OT thread, but it is somewhat hockey related. If you, oh wise and enlightened mods, deign that it belongs in the OT thread, I shan't be upset if it is merged.

Anyhoo here's my setup: 56" JVC projection HD TV (might upgrade to plasma or LCD next year), 100 watt 5.1 surround sound audio system, Dish Network VIP 211 HD box with full HD programming.

If you subscribe to Center Ice (currently $150 or so) they give you a few HD games on their PPV channel for free. It probably comes out to an average of one a week, tho last year they showed a lot of HD games at first, tailed off a lot, then picked up again near the end of the year. A lot of them were feeds from Fox Sports North covering Minnesota Wild games. No HD feeds from Comcast and the Capitals. HD Net shows two HD games every week. Dish just added 6 new national HD channels, one of which is Versus (it shares a channel with the Golf Channel) so I'm sure I'll get their HD hockey games this season.
By my count Dish now has between 30 and 35 HD channels, far more than Directv. That number doesn't include premium movie channels, which I don't subscribe to.

My questions for the rest of you: how many HD games does Comcast broadcast of the Caps each season?
How many HD channels does your cable and/or satellite provider have?
Directv is advertising that they'll have 150 HD channels soon, but their website says they'll have the CAPACITY for 100 channels. Anyone know the real deal with this?
Oh yeah, one final question: does Directv show any HD games other than those on HDNet?

I'd like to ditch Dish Network, since their customer service is ridiculously hard to deal with. They all sound like Apu of the Simpsons. But for now they're the best thing in HDTV, so unless I can find something better, I'll stay

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