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03-11-2004, 10:41 AM
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Originally Posted by Macastropion
Bertuzzi needs to go for the season as well as all of next season . The only reason I would not ban Bertuzzi for life is due to the fact that there is no rule in place which calls for such I feel the McSorley precedent should be followed. But I'll tell ya what...this neanderthalic garbage needs to stop now. The fighting/violence needs to be outlawed. In the future, each and every fight/violent act should result in an immediate game misconduct...promptly followed by a suspension. If the act reaches a malicious, pre-meditated extreme (such as that in the Bertuzzi & McSorely incidents)...a hella hella hella long suspension or lifetime ban should be put in state. Both of these incidents could easily have ended up as manslaughter. If ya think I'm over-reacting...take a look at the tape & check out Brashear twitching on the ice while blood pours from his nose. Or view the Bertuzzi tape once more & you'll see Moore lifeless on the ice as blood pools.


I’m going to take your argument one step further…I think the players should be forced to first kill their family first, then themselves. They should be humbled in front of Gary Bettman-sama by sending themselves into the Void with a nice seppuku. Maybe Campbell could stand in as the accused one’s second and take the man’s head off with one clean stroke of his katana. It’s the honorable thing to do.

I cried tears of blood after enduring Mr. Bertuzzi blatant criminal act. I wept and prayed to Jesus to deliver us from this man of satan!! Ban all hitting and fighting from hockey. I’ll even go so far as to say their sticks and skate blades should be removed as well. Those are unnecessary tool of the Devil. The puck too is satanic….ban it all!!! For the love of God and his sweet blessed children…ban it all!!!!!

Oh brother, the sirens of the moral police are loud today…

One small act in a very large world, guys, not that big a deal.

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