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08-20-2007, 08:44 PM
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I have Cox Cable and they don't carry CSNHD yet. My HDTV broadcasts were lame upscaled ones on the CW and INHD/Mojo and the one or two national telecasts.

Would love to switch to Fios but I live in a condo and I know from speaking with them those are down on the list to receive even if they have it in the area. Though there seems to be a decent amount of Channel 8 games so its nice to have that with Cox. Though I'll probably get center ice this time around so I think I could see those games if I didn't have channel 8.

I have a older 32" tube HDTV but have been resisting going with a 46" LCD until I have CSNHD. You hear that Cox Cable? You could force me to by a HDTV! laf

And GHG yes the thread is fine on its own. Its slow time anyways :-).

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