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08-20-2007, 08:52 PM
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Originally Posted by NobodyBeatsTheWiz View Post
Comcast broadcasts every home Caps game in HD, provided theres no Wizards game at the same time. And about Directv, not sure about the lineup, but I'd stay far, far away from them. I've had bad experiences. I would look into Verizon Fios and see if it's carried in your area. It's the best bang for the buck, IMO. BTW, Fios carries Comcast Sports Net in the DC area, so no need to buy an additional sports package for Caps games.
I probably should have mentioned the fact that I live 2,000 miles from the DC area now. Lived for 36 years in Rockville, but have lived for 7 years in Texas. I also live WAAAAAY in the boonies, so basically I'm stuck (if you can call it that) with satellite TV. Dish Network has thus far been very good and very reliable. That BS that cable companies like to feed you about it going out everytime it gets cloudy is just nonsense. I only lose the picture if it's a MAJOR storm, as in Wizard of Oz style cloud cover. But like I said before, I hate to deal with their customer service. I've had a couple of times where they've just been plain wrong about a few things, or didn't know what they were doing. But that might apply to just about every satellite/cable company

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