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08-20-2007, 10:39 PM
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I'm also a boonie resident in the Shen Valley - had both Dish and D* (DirecTv), and IMO their is none greater than D*. We have a 64" Pioneer Elite RPTV with Boston towers in the front and lil' Pioneers in the back and on the sides. The good folks at D* have just upgraded our dish and HD-DVR (basically fo free) to accommodate the new HD offerings coming (supposedly) by year-end.

To answer your question concerning D* and CI, D* will usually air 1 (sometimes 2) HD NHL games per night during the regular season. The games they select seem to be pretty random, but basically never include feeds from games broadcast by Comcast HD - mostly from Fox, Rogers, Turner or TSN HD. Last season there were several (all away) Cap games broadcast in HD. The TSN ones were absolutely fantastic!

In addition to these on CI, you also get the HDNet games and several (not all) Versus and local "ota" or WNBC NBC games in HD.

Interestingly, from what I've discussed with D* account reps, D* and Comcast are locked in some life and death struggle for the soul of the American couch potato and will do literally anything to disrupt one another's business. They assured me that as far as CI goes, that Comcast is contractually obligated to provide the home team telecast for their designated CI games (i.e. Caps and Flyers, etc. home games) for all CI providers including Dish, D*, Cox, etc in basic digital format... Comcast will not, however, provide D* with their HD feed in order for D* to feature it in their HD sports lineup.

Just as an aside, this past Saturday, Comcast blacked out its broadcast of the Redskins/Steelers preseason game, to D* subscribers with Comcast Mid-Atlantic (HTS) as their designated regional sports channel just to pizz D* (and all of us hillbilly R'skin fans) off !!

My advice would be for you to ditch the Dish and pick up the new D* hardware and get ready for D*'s new satellite to shower you with all of their new HD channels that they are airing this fall...

If you have never visited they have a fantastic message board on HD programming to get all the latest info. on who's got what, and what's coming up in the world of HD programming.

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