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08-21-2007, 12:12 AM
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Thanx Bonzilla, that was quite helpful. You Da Man!

For now, I'll probably adopt a "wait and see" attitude. For one thing, I believe I've got another year left on my Dish Network contract. For another, I want to see how many HD channels that Directv will actually have. Dish has about 35 or so right now, whereas Directv has less than 10 (again, not including premium move channels). I do enjoy watching Animal Planet, Science Channel, National Geographic, TNT and all the VOOM channels. If Directv trumps them in channel offerings then I'll blow off Dish. One thing Dish has that blows Directv away: you can choose which feed you want to watch on Center Ice. Not having to listen to Tripp Tracy and Bobby "The Chief" Taylor during Capitals games is almost enough to keep me away from Directv forever!

Interesting that you bring up the battle twixt Directv and Comcast. When the NHL came out of the lockout and got a TV deal with OLN/Versus, which of course is owned by Comcast, the parent company of OLN got pissed at Dish for not offering their channel on a lower tier, since it was on the most expensive tier of programming. At first they blacked out the hockey games, so Dish, in revenge, pulled the channel all together. I didn't get to see games on OLN till April of that year, when the two sides finally buried the hatchet. So Comcast apparently has a history of that

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