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08-20-2007, 11:52 PM
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Welcome to the game! Best advice I can give you is to work hard on you skating. It seperates the good players from the not so good players. Just skating can get boring so you should probably go to training sessions and play low level games to keep you motivated. Come out of your comfort zone and work on the things you know you need to work on. When you start to play you will pick up a lot of things you didn't even realise were important before.

Off ice you could do a bit of working out but that's a whole other topic. Stickhandling every day for some time with a golf ball apparently helps. Practice shooting in your yard or somewhere else if you don't have one, pick corners, aim and try to hit the spot you want.

Stopping took me a while to learn but I practiced hard at it and now it's fine. I fell over loads doing it but I was pretty determined to get it sorted. Just start off slow and focus on technique. Just before you are about to stop, put the pressure on to the balls of your feet, then turn both skates 90 degrees with your outer skate taking most of the weight. The inner foot is only there as support. Once you get the angle and develop confidence in your edges then you will be fine.

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