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03-11-2004, 11:16 AM
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Originally Posted by VaFlyer
Okay, I may be in the small minority here, but I really don't see what Bertuzzi did as that bad. He chased the guy all over the ice for about a minute before he hit him. Moore refused to go, and I think Bertuzzi had made up his mind they were going to go.

I really don't think Bertuzzi drove him into the ice. I think the punch knocked him out and the fall caused the major injuries. If the punch had been from the front would Bertuzzi have been suspended? Moore's refusal to go contributed to his didn't cause them, but it did contribute!
Complete Bullst. Watch it again. has a good replay that shows it in slow motion from the front. He drove his head into the ice. You dont break your spinal collumn by just falling.

And if he wanted to fight him, he could have at least dropped the gloves and fought him face to face, instead of jumping him from behind without any warning. Incidentally, Moore did in fact joust a bit with May earlier in the game.

Look I dont want the league to base its rules on what some PC news anchor thinks. Fighting may not be mainstream, but Hockey needs to go back to expanding its hard core fanbase, many of whom love to see a bit of violence. Nevertheless, this incident makes me want to puke. Not only do I think he should miss the playoffs, I hope Bertuzzi gets jail time, and has to pay civil damages to Moores family if he is crippled, paralyzed, or has his career ended.

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